Drugs Pharmaceuticals Medical Importers Directory 2020

drugs pharmaceuticals medical importer directoryDrugs Pharmaceuticals Medical importers directory comprises over 8,437 international drugs pharmaceuticals medical importers for export marketing and promotion. It is recently updated in Dec 2019 & released in 2020 and specially compiled to faciliate enquiry and direct export promotion by email, fax, direct mail, and telemarketing for global drugs pharmaceuticals medical suppliers, traders, manufacturers, exporters, exporting agents and brokers. The directory contains importers' information such as company name, mailing address, country, contact person, phone and fax nos, email address, website url, nature of business, and products needed.

It not only provides you a quality drugs pharmaceuticals medical importer list but also equipped with an user-friendly program to allow you to access world drugs pharmaceuticals medical importers promptly via email, and other direct export marketing methods. You may start your promotion promptly using our program without re-typing data and spending money for other software.


The directory is released in CD-Rom version (CD Download Version available) with the following benefits:

1. Powerful Direct Marketing Tool
It allows you to send personalised emails to drugs pharmaceuticals medical importers by product, country, or by company name. You can export data for other fax or email application, or print mailing labels for subsequent mailing of samples and other promotional materials.


2. Unlimited Acess to Drugs Pharmaceuticals Medical Importers
When you purchase our directory, you can have unlimited use of information to access your prospective customers for export promotion at any time and as many times as you like. Rental a mailing list only allows a one-time use.


3. Unlimited Business Opportunities
There is an extra bonus tool - directory of global import organizations included upon purchasing the drugs pharmaceuticals medical importers directory. You may make use of this directory to contact world importers' trade organizations to collect your target market information and also acquire more drugs pharmaceuticals medical importers' information for further export promotion.


4. Lower Export Marketing Cost
Direct marketing by email can reduce costs of promotion and communication. The cost of obtaining a lead from the drugs pharmaceuticals medical importers directory is much inexpensive than traditional export marketing methods such as trade fair, etc. It is much easier and less expensive to create multiple offers, hence saving your marketing cost, labour cost, and valuable time.


Note: The directory is a single user and PC version which supports Ms Windows XP/Vista/7/10 desktop computers and standard SMTP & ESMTP servers to send emails. It cannot be installed and run on the other OS such as Linux, Apple Mac and mobile devices. The purchaser should provide the proper OS and computer to use the directory.

(It will notify you the download link via email within 1-2 working days after online payment effected.)


Drugs Pharmaceuticals Medical Importers Directory is your most cost-effective export marketing tools, specifically well designed to help you to stay ahead of your competitors. Buy Now !!

Price (CD donwload version): USD132.00

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