Houseware Importers Directory 2020

houseware importer directoryHouseware Importers Directory is the world importer directory in the housewares importers, buyers and distributors field of industry. It is the essential export marketing & promotion resource for global Houseware exporters, manufacturers, export agents/brokers, international traders, or trading firms who are active to expand their global export sales since 2003.

Why our Houseware Importers Directory?

It supports the most cost-effective direct marketing tool - email marketing, direct mail, fax and phone contact. It can be quick and easy to launch direct email promotional campaign using the equipped user-friendly program. According some studies, if properly used, direct email marketing is highly targeted export marketing method with higher response rate. By carefully planning and some proven techniques of email marketing, you can successfully target protential importers to gain more export business.

Directory Highlight:

  • over 16,626 international houseware importers' & buyers' information
  • data derived globally from many different sources to avoid region-bias
  • updated in Dec 2019 & released in 2020
  • houseware importers' information including company name, address, country, phone no., fax no., email address, website address, business nature and the products needed
  • easy-to-use and menu-driven program to faciliate prompt promotion
  • support direct marketing methods such as email, fax, phone, or direct mailing
  • support on-screen enquiry by record or by list by different searching criteria
  • print mailing labels, buyer contact list, email report, etc.
  • support sending personalized emails by product, country, its combination, or company name to contact houseware importers & buyers
  • capability to export data for third party fax and/or email application.
  • quick start guide for 5 minute quick learning
  • user manual with demo and detail learning
  • support opt-out function to fulfill the anti-spam law requirements
  • extra bonus tool of directory of global import organizations (all businesses)
  • CD download version of the Houseware Importers Directory available for internet download
  • support Ms Windows XP/Vista/7/10 desktop computers and standard SMTP & ESMTP servers to send emails. It cannot be installed and run on the other OS such as Linux, Apple Mac and mobile devices. The purchaser should provide the proper OS and computer to use the directory.


Houseware Importers Directory is your cost-effective houseware importers directory for export promotion specifically designed to help you to compete globally. After payment effected, it will notify you the download link via email within 1-2 working days. Buy Now !!

Price (Houseware Importers Directory - CD donwload version): USD179.00